Nuestra misión es fomentar la excelencia académica, crear comunidades preparadas y exitosas y desarrollar la mentalidad profesional entre estudiantes de grupos minoritarios con la finalidad de preparar líderes en la industria, instituciones académicas y en la sociedad.
Our mission: To promote academic excellence, build strong communities, and develop professional mindsets among students of underrepresented minority groups, with the ultimate goal of developing leaders in the academy, industry, and society.
Our Vision: Imagine an MIT experience where all students are connected, happy, excelling, expanding their boundaries and inspired to follow and achieve their passions.
Nuestra Visión: Imagine un MIT en el que todos los estudiantes puedan fraternizar, estar felices, sobresalir, ampliar sus horizontes y sentirse inspirados a realizar sus sue?os.

Faces of OME

Part of the 2014 Interphase Cohort, William is a Computer Science and Engineering major with a minor in Economics. Class of 2018.
Alaisha is a Course 2 Major of the Class of '18.
Jonathon is a member of the 2015 Interphase Cohort, Class of '19, and a double-major in Course 8, Physics, and Course 18, Math.
Involved with many OME Programs, Navil is in Course 7, Biology, Class of '18
Class of '17, Faben is a Course 10, Chemical Engineering, major.
A member of the 2014 Interphase Cohort, Chantal is a Course 15, Management, major.
Kolby is a Course 2-A/6 Major, Mechanical Engineering with Control, Instrumentation, and Robotics Track, Class of '18.
Suan Tuang
Suan is an alumni of the Department of Chemistry.
Evelyn Zu?iga
Evelyn graduated in June 2013 from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.
Polina Bakhteiarov
Polina received a SB from MIT in 2010 in Planning (Course 11) and a second SB in Civil Engineering (Course 1) in 2011.
Quinnton Harris
Quinnton received his degree in Mechanical Engineering (Course 2) in 2011.
Geena Márquez
Geena received her degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences (Course 9) in 2010.

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